Buka Lite 2.31

Pop the blobs to make Buka happy


  • Smooth controls
  • Cute graphics
  • Fun gameplay


  • Quite babyish
  • Slow moving


Buka is a cute game of skill in which you need to help a friendly blob find The Happy Place.

In order to help her achieve her mission you need to protect Buka from the various intruders who float onto the screen hell-bent on destroying her. To explode a blob creature you just need to hold your finger down on it. The longer you hold your finger for, the more powerful the explosion will be. Watch out though, because these blobs don't explode completely and you'll be left with smaller pieces of the blobs that also need to be destroyed.

If Buka gets hit by an enemy creature, or a piece of one of them then she will lose damage. So, you need to steer her out of the way by holding your finger on Buka and moving her around. Provided you have the option activated, you can also move Boka around by tilting the screen.

Buka is not a very fast-paced game and the action is very subdued to start with. All of the character movement is slow and hypnotic, but this doesn't mean that it's easy. Pretty soon the screen will fill up with creatures (and consequently, bits of creatures) and you'll be tapping away like there's no tomorrow.

I enjoyed playing Buka but quickly got annoyed by the silly baby talk the character spews out between each level.

Buka may be a little slow for some, but it's a cute timewaster that kids will love.



Buka Lite 2.31

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